Corporate Philosophy

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Corporate philosophy

We continue to engage in services from useful equipment in society from both electronic and information technology. We feel pleasure and encouragement that we can act as a member of society while engaging in product releases and services of manufacturers. We are proposing and supporting technology from the viewpoint of feasibility and market introduction to manufacturers and service providers who can think about introducing them quickly.

In the Internet (IoT), devices connected to the network or the Internet, such as home appliances, thermostats, monitors, sensors, and portable items that can measure, store and transfer information are changing lives and markets.

AI introduction and system automation are cost effective and are widely used in various industrial fields. Applications include CNC machines in manufacturing and manufacturing, industrial robots for picking up, loading and transporting goods in warehouses, unmanned drone shipping to customers, automated machinery to support life sciences and pharmaceutical development, etc. At the same time, the automation of the system can not succeed without strict policy guidelines ensuring safety, compliance, uninterrupted, proper use.

In addition, high-value AI assets with emphasis on customer engagement and process intelligence issues in the banking, insurance, healthcare and digital commerce markets have been sought. Data scientists, software developers, researchers, and business experts can quickly and safely discover, collaborate, and consume AI building blocks with reliability and audit trails, improve user engagement, make decisions Improvement, self-study business process is being developed.

Wireless technology that supports these will shift to 5G infrastructure, mobile data service, inter-machine communication, better coverage is expected at higher speed. It can be expected in areas such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Network (SDN), Multiple Access Edge Computing (MEC). In order to realize these, we aim to increase the number of cases and achievements in society by conducting a wide range of suggestions on specification design, development, manufacturing, service, and their safety and compliance in accordance with the use case We are.

Positive One Mission